A Self-Compassion Retreat for Care-givers

With expressive art and mediation

This is a self-care retreat for caregivers, giving you an opportunity to play in the woods, to take some time for mindful reflection, meditation and creative self expression. You will have the opportunity to create a personal self-compassion art box using collage materials, acrylics, found objects, and writing.

Fergus, ON

$145.00 Cdn (incl HST)
A work/subsidy space is available.

Sunday, March 22nd, 2020
10 am – 5 pm EST
With Facilitators Supria Karmakar, Artist/Social Worker & Jill Davey, Meditation Teacher

The Intuitive Art of Journalling

Learn how to listen, understand and nurture your intuitive abilities through journaling

421 Woolwich St., Guelph, ON

$225.00 CAD (incl HST)
Class size is limited

Saturday, April 4, 2020
10 am – 4 pm EST
With Atherton Drenth

Inner Access 101

Lori Wilson now offer over 40 of her Intuition-Based Classes, lessons and events in an easy On-Line format. There are also a number of free events such as: Grandmother’s channeled Daily Focus that helps you be ready for the day

Access Intuition 101 teaches all people how to easily connect with their own intuition skills, guides and love ones who have passed on in the 25-hour Access Intuition 101 class. Amplify your intuition and learn how to channel 8 unique sources of wisdom.

Medical Intuition: Lori Wilson’s Total Body Intuition Training is also available for health/helping professionals with a minimum of 2 years’ experience. This class is what Lori is most known for ­­– teaching stellar tracking tools to assist your clients in uncovering the root of their health imbalances. The Medical Intuition Foundation Level is 125 hours long and includes a 500 page Manual.

Lori Wilson also offers a free download of her e-book The Resting Place that shares how she came to meet her Spirit Guide, Grandmother who last lived on the Earth in the Wind River area of Wyoming in the 1400’s.

To download the book for FREE, use Coupon Code: rplace in the coupon box at checkout.